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Markets & Product

We have the solution to meet your needs! Here you will find products optimally suited to your type of application.

Coatings & Masterbatch

Metallic pigments are used in a variety of applications in the coatings and plastics industry. They create a metallic effect in car coatings (both for OEM and refinishing), coil and can coatings, general industry coatings, powder coatings, etc., as well as to complete functional tasks (functional coatings), such as, corrosion protection, marine coating, roof coatings, reflection, barrier and other protective coatings.


Printing Ink Industry

People use large metallic pigment in various books,magazines to attract attention,previously widely used hot silver and aluminized as print process,with the exploration of metal ink gradually mature,offset ink,gravure ink and screen ink be used more and more.Because of the low cost,need no special machine,more and more printing facory choose it!


Building Materials Industries

The aluminum powder from Yinjian is widely used in the lightweight concrete industry. The autoclaved aerated concrete becomes high value wall building materials because of high insulation, easy processing and low stone weight. And it also has great importance as the insulating material .


Solar Industry

With the improvement of solar cell materials and production level, the minority carrier lifetime of solar cells also continues to increase, that is the diffusion length of minority carrier increase.When the minority carrier diffusion length is equivalent to or more than the thickness of silicon wafers, the back surface recombination velocity affects the solar cell characteristics obviously. From the current commercial solar cell point of view, in order to reduce the cost of solar cells, improve efficiency, manufacturers are also constantly reducing the thickness of silicon to reduce the price of raw materials.



CHROME MIRROR PIGMENT--VMP (Vacuum Metallized Pigment have super smooth surface, chrome mirror-like effect and high-reflective effect as well as good hiding power. chrome mirror effect metallic aluminium VMP pigment for chrome spray paint


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