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Coatings & Masterbatch

Metallic pigments are used in a variety of applications in the coatings and plastics industry. They create a metallic effect in car coatings (both for OEM and refinishing), coil and can coatings, general industry coatings, powder coatings, etc., as well as to complete functional tasks (functional coatings), such as, corrosion protection, marine coating, roof coatings, reflection, barrier and other protective coatings.

Aluminium Paste for Automotive Coatings

AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALITY is manufactured using our best in-house powder. Only spherical powder is used to manufacture grades that have a narrow particle size distribution curve. Advanced equipments are adopted in the company to produce aluminium particle in a silver-dollar like structure with smooth surface and edges and consistent diameter to thickness ratio. Therefore, this series imparts high reflectivity and good orientation capability to give the paint film a bright appearance and smooth surface look. This series is for OEM and Refinish coatings, plastic and coil coatings.


Aluminium Paste for Industrial Coatings

As for industrial coatings, our hot series are standard leafing aluminium paste and standard non-leafing aluminium paste, they are widely used for marine coatings and protective coatings, etc. Of course, some customers need better metallic effect, you can choose sparkling aluminium paste, corn-flake aluminium paste and bright effect aluminium paste, etc


Metalic Pigment Powder for Powder Coatings

Our powder coating specialized aluminium powder are produced using our own grinding technology and silica treatment process. It has a good metallic effect and flashing feeling with a certern electric charge. Especially for Electrostatic spraying is very good and also widely used for Metal flash, metal hammer, metal art texture powder coating.Before transporting to our customers ,all the aluminium powder must pass laboratory testing to ensure that the quality assured!


Aluminium Pigment for Master batches

Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment masterbatch speliality aluminium pigment has three series: aluminium paste, aluminium powder and aluminium pellet. It has good hiding power, brightness and whiteness. So it is widely used for All kinds of masterbatch, plastic calendering and a variety of adhesives etc.

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