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Bronze Powder

2019 / 08 / 30

Bronze powder is leafing flaky pigment, which is composed of copper, zinc, and aluminium powder. Bronze powder imparts good brilliance and metallic effect. Rich gold, pale gold, rich pale gold and copper powder are available. Customer can choose color and particle size according to their application and required effect.

Bronze powder has various grades, and different grades of bronze powder are suitable for different industries.

1. ZG-1420 P\R,ZG-1201P\R and ZG-1102P\R:

Strong metallic feeling, can be applied to fly gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, screen printing, powder coating.

2. ZG-1073P\R:

Gravure gold ink

3. ZG-2103P\R and ZG-2072P/R/PR:

Good hiding power and strong metal sense, suitable for printing on different requirements such as plastic, wire mesh, paper, fabric, etc.

4. ZG-2041P/R/PR:

Excellent opacity and metallic feel, excellent printability for all types of printing.

5. ZG-2103G:

Thermal conductive coating for the powder metallurgy industry.

6. ZG-WB3101P/R:

Ink grade products for aqueous systems.

7. ZG-1034P/R:

offset printing

8. ZG-4203P and ZG-4106P:

Applicable to industries with high temperature requirements such as plastic powder and paint, can withstand temperature of 230 degrees to 250 degrees and 30 minutes.

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